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Training Courses

Our training personnel are City and Guilds Qualified with over 30 years experience in the Transport Industry.  For convenience we can conduct courses on your premises but alternative venues can be arranged if required.

The courses are designed to cover all aspects of driver and operator compliance with transport law. Each course is tailored to the customer’s particular requirements.

Fundamental areas covered are:-

•   EU Drivers Hours Law
This course covers drivers’ working hours and the breaks required.  As current legislation is reviewed our training staff can deliver 'refresher' courses to keep all personnel up to date with the present requirements

•   Operation of analogue and digital heads outlines correct use of both types of instrument and the differences in the way they record data.
Also covered is the extent of the information recorded by and stored on the digital head, printing, retrieval of data, pictograms, UTC time, the use of company and driver cards, and the purpose of workshop cards and enforcement cards.
Our courses utilise both Stoneridge and VDO demonstration units, so that drivers can get a feel for the operation of the different types of head

  Road Transport Directive Legislation This covers the basic requirements of the legislation and the duties of both the driver and the employer in regards to record keeping





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